Immortal Kings [IK]

Immortal Kings

Tag: [IK]

DO NOT add the tag to your nickname until a leader agree to add you

Owner : [IK]BOSS ( Remembring )



Do no Attack or Kill Admins/staffs of the server
Respect your clan mates
Be Loyal If you leave the clan, you might not be able to join it again
Follow the server rules
Do not share what clan memebers says in private team chats to others Or Bugs Informations 
( Only Admins Of the Server and Clan members has right to know this is not for public ) 


Positive reputation (+0.00)
Good english Or Spanish Or Arabic
Good knowledge of the server rules you must NOT break any server rules
You must be Pro in ( Swan-off Fights or Knife or other things in general ) 


(last updated: 12/11/2017)

Clan members

[IK]BLACK_ARMY ( Mapper / Team Helper )

 [IK]OZEL ( Mapper / Team Helper )

 [IK]~HITLER~ ( Mapper / Team Helper )

 [IK]IBIZA~HUGO ( Mapper / Team Helper )

 [IK]GanGstaR ( Also Translator of the team )

 [IK]WOT ( Also Translator of the team "Turkish" )

[IK]Sanchez ( Team Helper )
































[IK]Kai Tc













Blacklisted players

HASAN-ARMY ( Reason: Left + [betrayer] )
ISSO-AIRFORCE ( Reason: Left )
AZIZ ( Reason:  Left + [betrayer] )
JARDA ( Reason : Left )
ARDA ( Reason : Left )
LOSER ( Reason : Troublemaker . Problems with many teams + [betrayer] ) 
SKERDI ( Reason : Problems with team members + Using bugs against players 
+ [betrayer] )
JORDINIA(HUNTER) ( Reason:  Left + [betrayer] )
RANA ( Ex Team Helper( Reason:  Left + [betrayer] )
BELAL  ( Reason:  Left + [betrayer] )
ROMAO ( Reason:  Left + [betrayer] )


Hydra skin: no
Player skin: no
Bases: LV
Facebook Team Page : Immortal Kings Facebook Page

How to apply

To apply, make sure you fit the requirements then paste & fill this form in Message directly to team facebook page 

Nickname :

Previous clan :

Level :

Reputation :

Activity :

Your Facebook Link ( in case so we can contact with you ) :  

(Optional, but recommended)

 - how often do you play on Freeroam Servers ?
 - Why should we add you rather than another player ?

Contact With The Team Owners Directly 

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Contact With Team Owners